LOB is a member of the Millenium Micro Group. This alliance enables us to provide quality products and services at a reduced cost. In fact, the buying power of over 350 affiliated merchants makes us a respectable sales force.

Trustworthy and proficient solutions rely on quality products. Over the course of 30 years, LOB has developped a top-notch network of partners.

Our primary partners include:

  • HP Entreprise: Servers and storage
  • HP Inc.: Desktops, laptops, and printers
  • Microsoft: Operating system and productivity suite
  • Omnivigil: Business telephony solutions
  • Cisco: Network, wireless, and telephony
  • Fortinet: Firewall / data protection
  • Yealink: VoIP telephony
  • Buffalo Technology: Storage
  • Datto: Complete Data Protection
  • Online Backup and emails
  • Sherweb: Online servers / Emails and collaboration
  • Sennheiser : Wireless headphones
  • ZéroSPAM: Anti-spam solution / data protection
  • WebRoot: Anti-virus and anti-ransomware / data protection